Outsourcing means, to make a partner with service providers, who can handle specific business (Projects) processes – expedite service, better solutions at a lower operating cost and keep entrusted job (Project details) Highly confidential. The term “Outsourcing” build a Co-ordination of work under one umbrella with several services with excellent expertise. Cost saving due to competitive rock-bottom billing especially during recession period. Trim down costs & Increase service levels. It reduces the investment to build a Working Environment. Outsourcing helps you to work as Back Office with Engineering/Design support. You can hire dedicated Engineers or Cad Designers for monthly or one year or more in contracts.

Our Aim is to fulfil the requirement of our clients who outsourcing the work to us to deliver the Design & Drafting works within the stipulated time frame with non compromising quality & affordable cost. CaddHawk Outsourcing aims to be the leading provider in outsourcing drafting and AutoCAD engineering services. CaddHawk specialize in architectural drafting, structural engineering, pipeline engineering, oil and gas engineering, civil engineering, HVAC engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering among other disciplines.

Partnering with CaddHawk, you can get the talents of well-educated & experienced CAD designers without the headaches of hiring staff in your own Firm. In a simple way, CaddHawk makes CAD outsourcing easy. You get quality staff without having to hire, fire, manage or train. Quick ramp-up and easy, real-time access to talent, without overhead, will keep you on time and on budget on every project & CaddHawk offers hourly solutions to entire project staffing.

Our CAD Outsourcing services includes

  • Paper to CAD conversion (PDF to DWG)
  • House Design (Plans , Elevation & Sections)
  • 2D and 3D Floor plans
  • 3D Rendering
  • Raster to Vector conversion

Features of Outsourcing

  • Low Cost Services & get more Profit by our cheaper Services.
  • Zero Investment in buying Computers and software’s.
  • Quality Services
  • Save maximum Money in Project executions.
  • Can use Maximum People from Our working Floor.
  • Ensure the progress of Project by quick contact.
  • Highly Experienced Cad Drafters & Modellers.
  • Working with-in Time Frame. Keeping your Budget.
  • Pay on after work via. PayPal / Bank Transfer / Cheque.
  • Huge cost savings due to availability of highly skilled CAD specialists at far lower costs.
  • Provide the flexibility to increase manpower whenever required

Step by Step Process

  • Complete the PILOT & Sign NDA / Sub-Contract Agreement.
  • Understand your needs requirements first, even by arising Query Systems & Give you Quotation (Time & Cost).
  • We plan for production after your Work Order by Proper training to the concern People who will work for the same project. We work on a proper System & achieve the daily target.
  • Reporting you the Progress of work on daily basis. Delivering the final Output and Create an Invoice to you with it & request to pay.


First, establish a contact between your company and the outsourcing company. Next, provide the outsourcing company with a basic understanding of your needs and requirements (include CAD drafting or Architectural Rendering), and you will receive an estimated cost of the potential project.

Then after approval, proceed to discuss details and sign a mutually agreed-upon contract. Continue on to the execution of the project, during which you will keep a conversation of reports and feedback on a regular basis to ensure that everything is being done as agreed upon.

Finally, your company will receive a completed project, with up to 60% of the project budget saved.

Let’s welcome & we are Opening our hands to be your offshore Partner by mutual agreement of Partnership & Non Discloser Agreement.

We care your Task & always make you satisfy in sense of Quality, Cost & Commitment. (Q-C-C).