Why CaddHawk

In Sense of Quality:

  • Being a registered company in our country under Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA, Govt. Of India), we always move forward by the rules and adopt  the formal process to be partnership
  • All  project is passed by Quality Check & Quality Analyst  and is subjected to standard test procedures like, Scroll Check , Raster-Vector , Plotting Check, Colour code Check etc
  • All of our People go under a Special Training before involving in new project and know the process, requirements, practices and trends in their work.

 Data Security:

  • We always prefer to One Man communication with our partners, so the details always secret and non – disclose
  •  All our employees work full-time and are bound by the company rules with secured Systems & access data through LAN.
  •  Devices where data leak is possible requires authentication code , So secondary devices  like Pen drive and personal Emails not allowed in working systems.
  •  networks & For sensitive projects, we cut-off from public signed NDA by individuals.

Project Execution:

  • Your single point of contact who is Business Head, we also have a system of sending    regular Progress reports, updates , Query (In any doubt) via email, telephone, SkyPe chat,  etc to give you the Status of work.
  •  We always do a pilot projects  (Say for maximum 8 hours) to make you ensure our Quality and capability by which you will assign the live projects (Actual Paid)
  • If you will hire the people (Keeping you need) in full time basis, we connect the System with Web-Camera by which you can watch the work and presence of employee and calculate 160 hours of work in a Month, which we offering as 190 Hours in a Month.